Future Careers

Our structured work experience, internships and entry-level programmes are open to everyone just starting out in business, and designed so that talented individuals can thrive as their authentic selves. We’re united by our values and work culture, not by shared backgrounds, and our selection processes reflect this.


A blend of work, skills development, networking, and fun, our paid internships are perfect for those just starting off their career. Witness our co-collaboration culture first hand and gain valuable experience by joining team projects, and develop your skills with our dedicated training and mentors.

Ready to apply? Our hiring process follows four stages. After applying and answering some scenario questions designed to show us your way of thinking, you’ll do a short take-home task to show us your skills. We’ll then get to ask each other our questions in a final online interview.

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Engineering Academy

An intensive programme designed to sharpen your existing coding skills as you launch your tech career at Vinted. You’ll begin with a two-month-long team-led technical induction, followed by 10 months co-creating in an existing team, with all the practical and personal support you need along the way.


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Data Science and Analytics Academy

Support for emerging Data Scientists, Decision Scientists, and Analytics Engineers as you begin your new careers at Vinted. This year-long programme is split into two separate six-month stints – so you can work with different teams, broaden your skills, and explore different ways of working. 

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What our people say

Domas Grigaliūnas

I think for a young engineer or just a person who is switching from other careers, this support is really great.

Agnes Kroezen

Hands down, my favourite thing about working at Vinted is the informal work culture. If you have ideas and love feedback, Vinted is the place for you.

Mykhailo Zelenskyi

Wow, they actually say that they do not require any prior experience. You get help from many places here.

Ilona Vitėnė

It’s a perfect place to learn and start your career because everybody here at Vinted wants to help you gain more knowledge.

Maria Fernanda

They care about you as a person and that is very refreshing. I’ve had an environment of full creative freedom and that is very appreciated.

Tom Slaytor

Just go for it. Even if you’re unsure or you don’t think you’re ready yet, just have a go.” 

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