Everything you need to know about Internships at Vinted

2023 October 12

Here at Vinted, we have a selection of paid entry-level programmes for new graduates or career changers just starting out in the workplace. At the moment, these entry-level programmes can be divided into two categories: Academies and Internships (the Vintern programme and off-cycle internships). We take a slightly unique approach to internships, as our interns are really encouraged to get involved and co-create with their peers and teams on group projects and collaborations. In this blog, we’re going to share more about our Summer Vintern Programme, what we’re looking for in internship candidates, and how the application process works.


What is the Summer Vintern Programme?

Open to all, the Summer Vintern Programme is specially designed to support those with little or no working experience, giving them a first stepping stone into their new field. An initiation into the world of Vinted, we provide you with an exciting blend of real-life work, skills development, networking, and fun. Internships are available in a variety of roles, from Data Science and Analytics, to Talent Acquisition and Design, and are based in one of our office locations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Vilnius, or Kaunas. In 2023 we welcomed 33 Vinterns of 15 different nationalities into 10 areas of business. Roles in the Summer Vintern Programme vary between 2 to 3 months but we also offer occasional off-cycle internships at different times of the year and for different durations, depending on the required location or field. 


How is the Summer Vintern programme structured?

The programme is structured around our core values: aiming high, taking ownership, co-creating, caring, and growing. We spend a week at a time looking at each value in more depth, and focussing on professional development relating to each of them – giving you a clearer insight into our culture and way of working.

You’ll spend the majority of your time as a Vintern (about 85%) on your main work role, with the rest of your team. The remaining 15% will be allocated to a Vinternship group project. Much like everyday life at Vinted, you’ll get a taste of one of our values of co-creation. During the internship, you’ll work in a group with other interns on a project that makes an impact to practice those co-creation skills. You’ll be given a specific subject to work on, which changes every year depending on current relevance (e.g. AI implementation in business or DEI challenges).


At Vinted, we follow a flexible, hybrid workplace model. Vinterns spend two days a week working in the office with the rest of their team, and get to choose where they would like to work on the remaining three workdays.


What level of support can Vinterns expect?

As a Vintern, you’ll work in a designated team, with your own assigned mentor who will provide you with support, feedback, and guidance throughout your internship. Within the team, you’ll get a chance to see Vinted’s mission and culture at work. We foster collaboration, and you’ll be encouraged to participate and share ideas with your teams and your project group while co-creating. Here, every idea is listened to and taken on board, no matter where your place is within the organisation.

You’ll also have the chance to network and further develop your interpersonal skills by attending workshops and lectures. As an example of some of the content you could expect, in 2022, participants deep-dived into the power of empathy, learned how to flex their communication styles, and joined forces to take part in a DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) challenge.


Are there any other perks of being a Vintern?

As well as the opportunity to be an integral part of a dynamic and friendly team in an international, welcoming and inclusive company, you’ll be entitled to some other additional benefits. Some of the Vinterns’ work perks include a monthly shopping budget on Vinted, an in-house canteen selling delicious homemade food at discount prices (or a lunch allowance for locations that don’t provide this), plus access to all the tech, equipment, tools, and apps needed for work.


What are we looking for in a candidate?

There are no age requirements for joining the Summer Vintern Programme, and in most cases, depending on the location, you don’t have to be a student either. The programme is designed for those who are beginning a new career at any life stage. We’re looking for motivated and purpose-driven people who want to make an impact and are seeking to grow both personally and professionally. At Vinted, we value initiative and co-collaboration, and no matter where you are in the company, your contribution is heard and worthwhile.


We’re a diverse company, just like the people we build products for. United not by our backgrounds, but by our company culture.


How does the application process work?

Our application process usually takes several weeks, as we want to ensure that we find the right people who align with our values, attitude, and motivation.

Our hiring process is structured around the following steps:

  • Step 1

    First, you apply for a listed position. Show us who you are beyond your CV! Tell us about your passions and how you can contribute to our community. In your motivation letter, highlight any relevant projects, experience or skills that could illustrate a potential fit within our team. 

  • Step 2
    Scenario Test

    Next, you’ll complete a test designed to show you the kind of situations you may encounter at Vinted. You’ll be given various scenarios and asked how you’d respond to each one. It’s an opportunity to showcase your problem-solving skills and how our values align with your outlook.  

  • Step 3
    Homework assignment and interview

    Lastly, you’ll be set a task to do in your own time. Don’t worry, we’ll support you every step of the way. You’ll have a week to complete the assignment and a member of our team to consult for help.
    After finishing the task, you’ll present your work in a 1-hour and 15-minute-long interview. This is our chance to meet you virtually and dive deeper into your experience and aspirations. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions.  

Ready to join us?

Interns are full team members, who contribute to real projects and day-to-day activities. We’re a dynamic environment that encourages hands-on learning and tasks that make a difference. By giving our huge international network of members the opportunity to choose second-hand items on Vinted over buying them new, we can reduce the climate impact of retail fashion.*

If you’re interested in joining our international, welcoming and inclusive community in the next intake of the Summer Vintern Programme in 2024, make sure to subscribe to our career newsletter

*WRAP research has shown that you can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 4-10% each by extending the life of clothing by just 9 months. Source.