Get to know our hiring process

Typically, our recruitment process involves the following series of interactions with our teams: Interviews, homework assignments, and try-out days.

However, the process may be much shorter - it all depends on the role you apply for. Our team will give you details on what the hiring process will involve in your first interview with us.

  • Introduction call

    A short chat with our Talent Acquisition Partner. During which you will learn more about how Vinted works and we learn more about you.

  • Introduction meeting

    A follow-up call where you get to meet your potential Team Lead and learn more about the specifics of the team and the role.

  • Homework assignment

    This one is pretty straightforward – you get a task designed to show us your skills and way of thinking.

  • Technical review (for Engineering only)

    This is a special step during which we discuss and provide feedback on your homework code and, in some cases, ask for some revisions.

  • Try-out day

    The final stage is an invitation to try out the role. It'll help you see if it's what you expected.