Mastering the art of Product Management: key skills and resources for success

2023 October 18

At Vinted, Product Manager (PM) is responsible for Team’s Total Outcome management: 

  • Defining the outcome that the team tries to achieve; 

  • Understanding if the team’s output leads to the defined outcome. 

If it’s not the case, a PM should adjust by pivoting, cutting scope, or in other ways amending the expected outcome. We find that there are 2 key aspects that are important for someone to thrive in the field.

Product sense. The skill of consistently being able to craft products (or make changes to existing products) that have the intended impact on their users. Product sense relies on 2 things:

  • Empathy to discover meaningful user needs

  • Creativity to develop solutions that effectively address those needs

Analytical thinking. An ability to prioritize, identify the correct tradeoffs and set your team up for success. As well as the ability to have a structured approach to problem solving. 

A Product manager should excel or have the potential to become very proficient at:

  • Setting goals 

  • Tracking Goals using measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

  • Debugging to identify root causes if something goes sideways 

  • Navigating a complex trade-off between a fast, cheap, good Product development triangle.

Here are some helpful resources for growth in the Product Management discipline.

1. Books for… 

Product Management Craft

Business acumen:

Analytical acumen:

Engineering acumen



2. Newsletters:


3. Courses:


4. Videos


5. Articles


6. TV Series, more fun to familiarize with the tech world: