List of useful resources for aspiring Product Designers

2023 October 18

Product design is an ever-evolving field, so it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools. This is a broad list of recommendations, so make sure to choose resources specific to your interests in the field.

1. Some of the classics to read:


2. If you are more of a YouTube type of person, check:


3. Consider pursuing certifications like: 


4. Stay updated with design guidelines. Two of the most important to keep an eye:

These are continuously refined and expanded, so make sure to come back to these resources continuously.


5. Join online design communities and seek mentorship:

  • ADPList: A platform that offers free mentorship from experienced designers for free
  • Behance & Dribble:  platforms to showcase your work, as well as discover others'
  • Mobbin is a hand-picked collection of the latest design patterns from mobile apps that reflect the best in design


6. Get inspired and network by attending meetups and conferences:

  • Look out for local UX and design meetups in your area
  • Participate in design conferences focused on UX/UI, iInteraction, information architecture, etc.
  • Consider joining these networks as a volunteer


7. Practice the craft:

The most important - the more you design and work on real projects, the better you'll become. Consider: 

  • Volunteering for nonprofit organisations
  • Take internships
  • Participate in hackathons


In the ever-evolving field of product design, this comprehensive list of resources equips you to nurture your passion and grow as a designer. Embrace hands-on experience, connect with fellow designers, and stay curious to thrive in this dynamic landscape of product design.