List of useful resources for aspiring Engineers

2023 October 18

Engineering environment is a dynamic and constantly evolving domain, and the learning culture is deeply rooted at Vinted. To help you navigate through and thrive in your journey, here’s a list of descriptions and recommendations for you that align with your unique interests and aspirations within the engineering discipline.

About Git & GitHub:

Backend Engineering


To experiment with Ruby, you can use:




Ruby on Rails (RoR):

We recommend not to spend much effort on understanding how to build HTML using RoR. We will use RoR in API only mode, which means we will be building JSON responses only




RESTful API’s:





Web Engineering





Clean code:





  • Make sure you get the basics and can write React with TypeScript comfortably. TypeScript is quite big, so there's no need to go too deep.
  • Cheatsheet
  • Official documents and the basics



  • It’s not a given that you will use Redux throughout the Engineering Academy, but we use it at Vinted, so the fundamental understanding is important
  • Redux Essentials

Android Engineering





Kotlin coroutines:


Kotlin StateFlow, SharedFlow and Flow:


Application architecture guidelines:


Additional Android learnings:


If you know most of the above technologies, you can try doing codelabs from this list:


If you want more challenges and you know most of the technologies above, you can try to contribute to our open source libraries on GitHub: