Come and Meet our Queerted Community!

2023 July 12

Here at Vinted, we support a number of voluntary, employee-led communities that bring together individuals with shared identities, characteristics, or experiences. All of these groups have  the common goal of promoting awareness, and fostering representation and inclusion. As an organisation aiming to become a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion, this is something which is very close to our hearts.

Today, we’re introducing Queerted: a community made up of members from our different locations, who have created an exclusive space for Vinted employees who identify as LGBTQ+. This is a private space for members to openly share news and updates with each other. Vinted employees are always welcome to join and to contribute to this growing community, who held their first Queerted in-person social event in July 2023. The group meets every 2 weeks to catch up and work together on their collective mission, which is two-fold:

1.       To build a vibrant and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ members within Vinted, where everyone feels safe, supported, and celebrated

2.       To raise awareness of LGBTQ+ topics and create a culture of acceptance and empathy within Vinted and beyond.

Behind every mission, is a vision. The Queerted community, supported by Vinted, aims to create an environment where every employee at Vinted who identifies as LGBTQ+ can bring their full and authentic self to work. Where all employees (including those who do not identify with the LGBTQ+ community) know about the community and its mission, and act as Allies. 

Halfway through 2023, the community has already achieved a great deal of progress towards their vision. Within ‘Inside’, Vinted's intranet, is a space where employees identifying as LGBTQ+ and Allies can connect, collaborate and learn from each other. It includes resources on LGBTQ+ history, and an LGBTQ+ glossary to help people understand key LGBTQ+ words, phrases and acronyms. There are also resources to help Allies understand how they can help make Vinted a more welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people, as well as several practical FAQs which include questions like “I’m straight and/or cisgender. Is it really ok to speak up for a group that I am not a part of?”

Also within ‘Inside’, to raise awareness, the community has been working on a 2023 calendar of LGBTQ+ notable dates – whether they be small local initiatives, a shoutout post on our internal news portal, or work with the Communities team on wider projects. By having an up-to-date calendar with regular events, employees have a consistent feed of LGBTQ+ content for employees to keep track of all year round – and not just during Pride Month.

Last but by no means least, Queerted posts a monthly newsletter containing updates, upcoming events, achievements, resources and information. The aim is that this newsletter will offer other members the opportunity to share their voice, and represent other branches within the Queerted community.

We want all new joiners at Vinted to be aware of the different employee communities we have to offer. The group has been liaising with the DEI and Onboarding Teams to make sure that new joiners know about and feel welcome to join the community when starting. 

Hopefully this gives you an insight into Queerted, what it stands for, and their work and missions within Vinted. We're proud to showcase how Queerted is making a difference, amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, and setting the standard for Employee Resource Groups (Groups of employees who join in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Queerted community at Vinted!