A Day in the Life of an Anti-Counterfeit Associate

2024 January 18

Fakes or counterfeits – however you refer to them – they’re a challenge for most of the fashion industry (whether you’re shopping for new or second-hand items). At Vinted, we don’t allow the buying or selling of counterfeits, not just because it’s against the law but because it undermines the hard work of the original creators.

That’s why we have different types of anti-counterfeit measures in place to fight fakes on the platform and we’re constantly developing more.

However no technology is 100% foolproof, therefore, our Content Quality team and our community participate and take action too. Vinted members report suspect listings through our app. Then, our dedicated Content Quality team reviews those requests and takes appropriate steps.

So today, let’s shine a light on the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to help our members trade safely and securely with a glimpse into the day in the life of an Anti-Counterfeit Associate. But first, let’s learn a little more about the Content Quality team. 

Life in the Content Quality Team

An evolving team - it’s an exciting time to be in Content Quality. With over 100 specialists to date, there’s a lot of room to grow in this dynamic team.

We have shared goals - it’s the Content Quality team’s job to ensure only high-quality and trustworthy content makes it onto the Vinted platform. They do this by screening, monitoring and moderating risky content. It’s a vital role as our team must exercise their judgment to ensure that listings align with Vinted’s guidelines.  

A typical day for an Anti-Counterfeit Associate

Two types of tasks - Our Anti-Counterfeit Associates don’t communicate directly with our members – instead, they receive their work in two ways:
Alerts are short tasks that require a quick decision, while Tickets are for situations that are in need of a more detailed analysis. These different types of tasks add variety to each day. However, it’s always best to work efficiently and accurately in order to reach key results.

We stick to the plan - The team always knows what needs to be done in this role, as each day is well-planned, down to the hour. Alerts and Tickets guide our team on exactly what they need to do, so there’s no confusion about what to tackle next.

Frequent breaks - In addition to a one-hour lunch break every day, our Content Quality team is also taking a 10-minute break every hour. This helps to keep the mind fresh and to keep accuracy up.

Shift work provides flexibility - Anti-Counterfeit Associates work on a shift basis. That means you can choose what day works best for you 12 times a month, and our internal workload team will handle the rest. Sometimes, the Content Quality team works on the weekend, completing 4 weekend days a month.

Becoming an Anti-Counterfeit Associate

Does this all sound like something that might suit you? The journey to becoming an Anti-Counterfeit Associate is pretty straightforward. First, browse our open roles and apply for one that interests you. The hiring process involves an over-the-phone interview and an introductory meeting, followed by a homework task and a try-out day.

After that, our approach to training is pretty flexible – once you've made it past the hiring stage, you'll step into a 10-week program held in a hybrid setting. For the first month, we require our new team members to be in the office on certain days, but you can work from home for the rest of the training period. You'll even get the chance to try out the role for a day to ensure you like it before committing to anything.

So, if this sounds appealing to you, why not learn more about life in the Community Support department in our blog? And don't forget to check out our open job vacancies while you're there.